Team Syllucid


Editie 2

When it comes to electronics there is both little awareness and choice for fair and
sustainable options..
Syllucid requires an investigation into both the level of awareness for fair and sustainable electronics as
well as a strategy for how best to engage with their target audience via social media and PR.

The SDG Trainees were asked to refine Syllucid’s marketing strategy to increase awareness that can lead to more sustainable habits for
consumers. This included:
● Define a survey to better understand our target audience for the challenges we face.
● Define and conduct marketing experiments to increase engagement.
● How can we iterate messaging to optimise engagement with consumers?
● How best to increase customer awareness of the impact of electronics and ultimately
change their habits to reduce their impact? Includes consumption, usage and disposal
(recycling) of their electronics.

The SDG Trainees successfully delivered a marketing campaign, a customer survey and a feasibility report.