Project work by team Syllucid


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Paving the way for a sustainable tech industry

“Only 15% of global e-waste is recycled”

“Without regulation, about 852 million metric tons of CO2 compounds will be emitted annually from e-waste sources by 2030”

Introduction to Syllucid

How do you expand the niche market for sustainable electronics when the general population is unaware of the problems the industry creates? That was the question that we, the “Syllucid trainees”, Giulia, Marwa, Kendra, Emma, Selin, and Rebecca, had to investigate.

Syllucid is a start-up dedicated to making fair and sustainable electronics through conscious production with the ethos of trust, transparency and innovation. The company has done a tremendous job so far in designing long-lasting electronic products that are better for the planet and fairer for the people who make them. Their USB cables are made with recycled and fairly-sourced materials and durable design techniques to prolong their lifespan, therefore reducing e-waste. They are also raising awareness of the issues within the damaging consumer tech supply chain, fixing the industry from within, and motivating others to join the movement.

Project description

What Syllucid aims to accomplish can be quite complex. Despite making considerable strides in the industry, they are still hoping to refine their awareness-raising and marketing strategy in order to effectively nudge consumers to choose more sustainable options. This is where we come in! Our project is aimed at both investigating the level of awareness for fair and sustainable electronics, conducting market research into the consumption patterns and segmentation of their ideal consumer.

Before getting started, we had to familiarize ourselves with our client and the sustainable tech industry. This involved examining Syllucid’s various social media channels and researching the topic. This gave us some very insightful facts about the severity of electronic manufacturing and its adverse effects on humans and the environment (e.g., e-waste, deforestation, women in mining). This initial research fed into two additional deliverables; data (facts) that Syllucid can use in their marketing to motivate potential customers, and key topics for future blog posts.

Mixed-Method Market Research

We also conducted survey research to gather insights into people’s general sustainability awareness and purchasing habits. Initially, we were a bit apprehensive about whether we would be able to gather a sufficient number of people to fill out our survey. Fortunately, we put our heads together and pulled through. It was also really fun brainstorming about survey questions and various distribution channels. We even created a QR code to hang up in the bathrooms of the KIT. Overall, the findings were incredibly insightful, with more than 100 diverse participants sharing their thoughts on the electronics industry and their purchasing rationales (stay tuned for the reveal).

What’s next?

Currently, we are working on arranging a focus group discussion to delve deeper into purchasing behaviors and to better understand perceptions of various brand messaging for the sustainable electronics industry. We have chosen to conduct the focus group online since it has been challenging to find motivated participants who are within the nearby area of Amsterdam. In the coming weeks, we are looking forward to continuing effectively collaborating with Syllucid and finalizing our deliverables, with interesting results that support them on their quest of changing the tech industry.