Projectwerk blog: Team Shell


Edition 3

Hi everyone!

We are Lena, Martijn, Sara, Marloes and Fleur and for the third edition of the SDG Traineeship we have been working on a project for Shell Netherlands!

Whilst Shell might not be the first company that comes to mind when talking about sustainability, they are actually working way harder than you might expect to support the energy transition. We quickly learned that our skepticism was maybe a (little) bit too presumptuous, as there are a lot of projects that Shell Netherlands is working on that we had never heard of before we started with the traineeship. Especially Shell Netherland’s Societal Impact Team, the department for which we work, is involved in many different projects. Its key themes are sustainable mobility, innovative solutions and an inclusive transition. An example of a project is the New Energy Challenge, which Shell is co-organizer of. In short, this challenge is a competition for start-ups and scale-ups that make energy systems not just carbon-neutral but also carbon-useful. We’re now working on a report to advise the Societal Impact Team on how to better incorporate de SDGs in their communication about their projects and how Shell can contribute to raise awareness of the UN SDGs in the Netherlands.

We are really enjoying the challenge so far! Although it can sometimes be complicated, our supervisors at Shell are very engaged and enthusiastic to hear about all our views and ideas. On our first day, we were welcomed by multiple members of the Societal Impact Team who gave us a presentation about Shell and their team to get us up to speed. In this way, we really got to know the ‘real’ Shell behind the ‘media’ Shell. On top of that, we have a meeting with the Societal Impact Team every week in which we can share our findings thus far, ask questions and they arrange meetings with people at Shell from all the different departments. Next week we even have a visit planned at Shell’s Energy Transition Campus in Amsterdam! So besides the fact that this project is a very interesting learning experience, we’re also enjoying every Tuesday!

In two weeks, we have our first draft presentation. We hope to get loads of useful feedback so that in the end, we can help Shell improve Shell’s communication on the SDGs and their related efforts.

Stay tuned for our final results as we can’t wait to share them with you!

Greetings from the Shell team.