Network of SDG Houses

Partnership for the Goals

An SDG House provides a physical space to host a community of diverse yet like-minded actors, whose vision aligns with the promotion of the UN Sustainable Development Goals Agenda.

The SDG Houses form a comprehensive network of diverse collectives aiming to serve their local communities by coupling locally-minded initiatives with local and national agendas, facilitating cooperation between entrepreneurs, educators, local communities, and organisations. The Network, therefore, connects these spaces of inspiration with NGOs, businesses, knowledge partners, and individuals who can mutually benefit from their diverse range of knowledge and expertise.

Every SDG House member or partner is a potential new client who is predisposed to be interested in the services that you offer to help others achieve the SDGs in specific areas of your expertise – ranging from impact assessments, tailor-made trainings and consultancy, business development projects, and so forth.

Over 150+ organisations in our SDG Community work collectively towards accelerating the SDGs through means of, for example, urban development, impact investment, inclusive finance, fair trade, and organic product development. Our mission is to build SDG Houses around the world and harbour responsible change together as an SDG Community.

Partners of SDG Nederland

SDG Action Days 2022

Turn It Around: We are the generation that will end the climate crisis. The generation that will eradicate poverty, hunger, racism, sexism and war. With the Sustainable Development Goals as a compass, we can ensure a better future for our people and planet.

After a successful event last year, the SDG Action Days are back again this year! Don’t miss out and block Friday 23 to Tuesday 27 September 2022 in your agenda!

The theme this year is ‘Turn it Around’. It is time to #turnaround. If we all work together, with the Sustainable Development Goals as a compass, we can ensure a better future for our people and planet. #TurnItAround for a healthy, fair and sustainable way to a better world without leaving anyone behind.

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