Project Work: Team ASN Impact Investors


Edition 4


The ASN Impact Investors Traineeship members at the Social Impact Factory in Utrecht!

We are Makeda, Chi-Yang, Sophie and Laura and the client we are currently working with is ASN Impact Investors, the investment company of ASN Bank in the Netherlands with a specific focus on sustainable investments. Our assignment is to give advice on how they can incorporate gender equality into their investment procedures. Our SDG is therefore number 5 on the SDG-list: Gender Equality. We are with four people in our group and to us it is fascinating to dive into the world of investments and banking, as we all do not have a background in banking nor investments. This makes the assignment a bit challenging, but nevertheless super exciting! 

This means that we really engage a lot with our coaches at ASN Impact Investors and they are always willing to help us and explain things to us. Also, when we ask a lot of questions or think critically about certain topics or give our opinions, they do not shy away and engage with us. We really appreciate that they are so open and helpful.

Although we are working on a completely new topic and some weeks we have more questions than answers, we are excited to actually arrive at our final product for ASN Impact Investors. It is cool to see that we’ve started from basically no knowledge to making recommendations.

We are especially looking forward to meeting our coaches for the first time when we join them on location at the ASN building in the Hague this upcoming week!

Hope to see you guys soon again and good luck with your work!

Best wishes,

Makeda, Chi-Yang, Sophie and Laura