SDG Project work - Gemeente Delft


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Hi there! We just started our 9th week as SDG Trainees at the municipality in Delft. Today we have had to opportunity to speak with a volunteer form the organisation Delft4GlobalGoals. We were very excited to speak to her, because Delft4GlobalGoals is an organisation that promotes the SDGs and supports the creation of networks between different societal and environmental initiatives in Delft. Delft4GlobalGoals also works together with the municipality since Delft became a Global Goals Municipality in 2021.

During this project, we investigate how the municipality can support societal and environmental organisations to achieve SDGs. We also focus on the national organisation MAEX. This online platform calculates the SDG impact of initiatives, also of local initiatives in Delft. Initiatives can also apply for (financial) support from MAEX.

Surveys will be conducted to collect data from local initiatives. One survey is designed for initiatives that are connected to MAEX, one survey is created for initiatives that are not connected to MAEX. Our objective is to get a better understanding of how the municipality and MAEX (individually and together) can support local initiatives.

Currently we are waiting for the survey results to roll in, hopefully many will answer. So now we work on other tasks for the project, such as a presentation.

We are eager to learn more about public affairs with social and environmental initiatives, and to present our results to the municipality.