Project Work : Team Food Tech Brainport


Edition 2

Projectwerk Food Tech Brainport

Hi y’all!

We are Laura, Jennifer, Joep Jan, and Manon and we are trainees at Food Tech Brainport in Helmond. We all have different study backgrounds like Hotel Management, Global Business and Sustainability, Industrial Design, and Business Administration. It is valuable, useful and a lot of fun to work in such a multidisciplinary team.

Food Tech Brainport is a food innovation company that connects businesses to enable sustainable food production. The company helps businesses with accelerated access to the market. Besides, they support start- and scaleups and small and medium sized enterprises present in the food market in the search of process and product optimization.

Past weeks we gathered inspiration from the SDG talks and trainings provided by SDG House and The Rock Group. We learned about project management, consultancy, system thinking, the SDGs themselves, and the ambiguity of sustainability challenges. We can directly apply this knowledge into our project as Food Tech Brainport wants to make their social impact measurable and visible. Moreover, they want to know what contribution they make to the United Nations SDGs. The upcoming 10 weeks we will work on an end product that can leverage the company.

Above is a picture of our team. Two weeks ago, we got a tour of the company and their food processing facility. Here we learned a lot from the company, and we could immediately see technological processes in practice. Furthermore, the company has given us a spacious office, so that we can work together in real life.

We are confident that we will develop a valuable end product and we are excited to see the end products of the other trainees as well.

See you in the sustainable future!