SDG Projectwerk team Sansidor


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Hi everyone! Nice to meet you, we are a multidisciplinary team with five trainees, Alexandra, Ayda, Christine, Madeleine, and Tessel. We are working for Sansidor, a dynamic network of professionals working for different brands in fields such as water inspection & advice, air quality research, fire prevention, infection prevention, electrical inspection, and boiler and climate inspections. As a matter of fact, they help their clients to create safer and healthier environments!

Like many other companies, Sansidor wants to reduce its environmental footprint and integrate the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into its business. Building on former research from the Avans University of Applied Sciences that already pointed out the SDGs Sansidor can contribute most to, our goal is to set targets for these SDGs with feasible KPIs that are applicable to all the companies of Sansidor. After re-evaluation of these SDGs, goals 3, 8, 13, and 17 proved to be most important to Sansidor.

To contribute to the SDGs, we selected topics that might help Sansidor to improve. Think of investing in green energy, providing training, or evaluating the supply chain for excess waste. Based on the impact-feasibility analysis, eleven topics were selected to set targets and create KPIs. Through interviews, we gather information on Sansidor’s companies and their view on the SDGs.

As Sansidor is a network organisation, composed of 15 different companies, it was important for our team to understand the working culture of Sansidor, and aim to find sustainable initiatives that can be potentially implemented by all employees of every company. The challenge was to make our suggestions relevant for every company within Sansidor.

To help Sansidor contribute to the SDG goals has been a very good experience for us. At Sansidor, we got the opportunity to set goals that will potentially result in having a significant impact on SDGs. In this assignment, we searched for ways to have a bigger impact on SDGs rather than looking out for easy and insignificant ways Sansidor can contribute to these goals. Working for a company that wants to make a real difference has definitely been one of the things we liked about this assignment.