Projectwerk : Team KIT - "Measuring the Immeasurable"


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This may sound like a scientific version of Mission Impossible, but it is not!

This is the challenge we, Team KIT, get to work on during our traineeship! Now to those of you not completely sure about what we are doing, let me introduce what is happening. Currently we (Onne, Tobias, Marie, Kirstin and Jens) are working on advising KIT when it comes to measuring the amazing impact they make on the world. You see KIT is a knowledge institute that uses the SDG goals as a way of making the world a better place for everyone on it. We can already hear you think ‘’But isn’t that awfully broad and general?’’ well it kind of is! Which is what makes this task a challenge that they could not solve themselves! Currently we are knees deep in lists of organizations that also make an impact that is difficult to measure. That’s because the time we get during this traineeship is not enough to reinvent the wheel, and why should we when there are amazing examples ripe for picking! 

It just so happens that we got to do our first presentation for the KIT team this week! The perfect opportunity to test our knowledge, and improve our skills when it comes to customer communications. It might sound like quite a challenge, right? Well looking back on it, we had no need to be anxious. The team was incredibly excited and also understood that we can’t be complete experts within a few days (though we wished we could be). 

We would love to give you all the ins and outs on how it went, but for now that will be a secret! Feel free to follow us on our journey however, and maybe later we will spill our secrets out for the world to see. 

We are now well on our way towards bringing together an amazing advice for the amazing people at KIT and their incredible cause. We hope to update you on that later! 

With love, 

The KIT Trainees