Team Syllucid


Editie 5

When it comes to food and clothing, there are many fair and sustainable options available. Consumers are generally aware of the concepts behind Fairtrade for coffee and chocolate etc. However when it comes to electronics there is both little awareness and choice for fair and sustainable options. We require an investigation into the level of awareness for fair and sustainable electronics as well as market research into the consumption patterns and segmentation of our ideal consumers. Based on this research we will update and create ideal customer personas and create an awareness
raising and or marketing campaign.

In detail we will:

  • Conducts surveys to better understand our target audience
  • Conduct focus group/ individual interviews to understand consumption patterns
  • Research how best to increase customer awareness of the impact of electronics and ultimately change their habits to reduce their impact? Includes consumption, usage and disposal (recycling) of their electronics.
  • Create a marketing and or awareness raising campaign about issues in electronics supply chains