SDG Project work - Stichting Misa


Editie 6

Looking back at the last 11 weeks of our SDG traineeship, we can say that our journey has been an exciting and eventful one. We were linked to a foundation, Stichting Misa, that supports people in the Netherlands and the Democratic Republic of Congo. In the Netherlands, their main goal is to help vulnerable groups to participate in society and increase social cohesion between different population groups. Their original question for us was to help them open a design store with African art. However, life, including the SDG traineeship, can take unexpected turns and after plenty of discussions we found out that the professionalisation of the foundation should become our main goal for this traineeship. Misa’s broad range of ideas about the foundation itself and its future projects, has presented some difficulties, but has also taught us to filter information and focus on the main goals at hand. To us, it mainly shows their enthusiasm and heart for their purpose.

Now we are busy with upgrading their website, developing communication material, looking for volunteers, creating more internal structure, making “overdrachtsdocumenten” and organising a hobby market on the 8th of December. The beauty of our role at Stichting Misa stems from its variety and freedom. The first SDG training that we followed about teamwork, has helped us to locate our strengths and has led to a division where each of us focuses on a task of our own choosing. By now, we have fully emerged ourselves in the world of Stichting Misa and have become an integrated part of their small and cosy team. Every Monday we meet with our team and the main members of the foundation in Rotterdam at a neighbourhood centre (huis van de wijk).

Stichting Misa itself works on several SDG goals in the Netherlands: No Poverty, Gender Equality, and Reduced Inequalities. For, it aims to contribute to an inclusive and multicultural Dutch society and helps with the integration and emancipation of vulnerable groups. Additionally, in the DR Congo, Stichting Misa focuses specifically on helping women and children, contributing to the goals No Poverty, Zero Hunger, Quality Education and Gender Equality. We are supporting Stichting Misa in working on these goals by extending Stichting Misa’s reach in Rotterdam and Delft. We are happy that the SDG traineeship gave us the opportunity to connect with a foundation with such a beautiful and inspiring goal!