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We Share Ventures (WSV) is embarking on an exciting project! They are building an actual product, a tech tool, that will help social entrepreneurs and investors for impact with measuring and managing the social impact they aim for. Whether they want to provide jobs to fight unemployment and poverty or increase mental health through counselling and everything in between. Globally!

WSV thinks it can be done and the SDG Trainees embraced the challenge of helping them. WSV is a group that is led by the not for profit organisation and funder for social entrepreneurs, WSV, together with Social Value International amongst other global partners and expanding further! They are led by an experienced project coordinator with a background in philanthropy and impact. By the end of 2022 they aim to have a working product!


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The aim of this project is to develop an impact measurement and management tool for social impact
on the blockchain (or other tech). Fostering system change and democratizing access to IMM
systems for organizations that do not have the resources to engage in house or external impact
assessment resources.
WeShareVentures’ goal is to contribute to the wider social impact ecosystem by offering an effective, low cost,
efficient, and accessible tool for the measurement and management of social impact and in order to
accelerate this effort we wish to build it on the blockchain (or other tech).

The SDG Trainees delivered a report including: 1. Desk Research

  1. Interviews
  2. Report Conduction
  3. Executive Summary
  4. Recommendations
  5. Extra communication material around the research