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SDG Traineeship

The SDG Traineeship will be a national initiative that aims to give young people a socially relevant experience and contribute to society. Through this project, we aim to provide young people with the chance to work on issues of sustainability and the SDG agenda at large. In collaboration with the SDG House Amsterdam, TheRockGroup has developed the SDG Traineeship. This initiative will be locally executed through the SDG House Network.

SDG Professional

The SDG traineeship is a first, necessary and substantial step to close existing gaps in achieving the SDGs. However, our joint ambition is greater. Our goal is to work towards a widely supported program in which we are committed to creating a large pool of SDG professionals. It is undeniably of great importance to achieve the intended acceleration in the implementation of the SDGs, by bringing knowledge and practice closer together. The expected social impact is great. We expect the demand for SDG Professionals from business and public sector to increase in the coming years. For this, we will work together with the SDG house network, universities and all relevant SDG stakeholders.

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