More and more entrepreneurs are striving to implement the sdgs and are committed to a new economy based on sustainability and inclusivity.

Simultaneously, there is a great demand from the future generations for a starting point of their careers within the broad domain of sustainability.

The SDG Traineeship offers young people and companies the opportunity to develop further in the field of sustainable business operations and entrepreneurship. 

This initiative by SDG House and TheRockGroup helps accelerate the integration of the SDGs in business and the public sector to make the necessary impact!


Are you going to be part of the movement?

What’s in it for you?

A unique opportunity to accelerate the implementation of the SDGs. You immediately embark on a process to improve sustainable business practices and to lead the way in the transformation to a new economy.

The SDG-related project must directly benefit the commissioning organization. The organization therefore devises and formulates the project description and the desired deliverables itself.

In a multidisciplinary team, young talent thinks along about how your organization can integrate a social and sustainable contribution into a policy strategy or business model.

Inspire! internally: challenge your own employees to think differently; And to the outside: positive exposure to potential employees and other organizations. This way you are in contact with young talent every week and we ensure visibility on our social media channels and at the closing event.

Take part in the SDG Talks: Inspiring sessions by practical experts about SDGs and future-proof operations.

No time wasted on supervision, our sustainability consultants guide your trainees intensively!

By participating, you are making a contribution to MDT. The government wants to introduce a social service period (MDT). MDT is the journey for young people to discover the best version of themselves. An opportunity for young people to create added value for society, discover their talents, be meaningful, meet new people and make choices for the future. With the Social Service Time Action Programme, ZonMw is committed to introducing social service time.


You simply have to draw up a concrete SDG-related assignment and supervise the trainees internally. Our sustainability consultants will provide training and guidance to the teams. 

The second edition is currently underway, but you can currently register for the third edition starting in March 2022 through the form below. 

The SDG Traineeship is for Dutch-speaking young people. As a client, it is possible to communicate in English and/or to receive an English-language end product. You can indicate this when you register.


    About the SDG Traineeship