Collaboration and Partnerships for the SDGS

In September 2017 KIT Royal Tropical Institute launched ‘SDG House’ based in the landmark building of KIT in Amsterdam. SDG House is a community of experts, entrepreneurs, and NGOs who work towards achieving one or more of the Sustainable Development Goals. Through cooperation and collaboration, members can combine their individual energy, efforts, means and knowledge to increase their impact. SDG House is generating valuable exchanges, partnerships, and business opportunities.

As the interest in SDG House is growing beyond the current 50 resident members, we are inviting new residents and partners to join the SDG House Amsterdam community.

KIT Royal Tropical Institute: The birthplace of SDG House

KIT Royal Tropical Institute is an independent centre of expertise and education for sustainable development. Guided by the SDGs, KIT shares knowledge and works with private corporations, NGOs and governments to build inclusive and sustainable societies. As founder of SDG House, KIT is channeling its global network and expertise to drive progress on the SDGs and create shared impact.

KIT established the first SDG House in Amsterdam in 2017, a place where members meet and connect to work together to achieve the goals. Our future ambition is a worldwide network of SDG Houses connecting and facilitating people, companies and other organisations that want to ‘Walk the Talk’: work together to accelerate and promote the SDGs.

KIT started the SDG House Network to establish a global network of SDG Houses to accelerate global and local collaboration on the SDGs.

SDG House Network

The SDG House Network aims to inspire, encourage and facilitate the realisation of a global network of SDG Houses worldwide where businesses, NGOs, policy makers, civil society and the general public can work together to achieve the SDGs.

The SDG House Network aligns with the UN’s call to action: “It is now up to all of us, governments, businesses, civil society and the general public to work together to build a better future for everyone.”

A SDG House is a regional or municipal hotspot for sustainability events and entrepreneurship, convening people who share the common purpose of achieving the SDGs through a diverse range of work and activities.

Are you interested in establishing a SDG House in your city? Contact our business development team to learn more at

Our SDG House Residents

TCX Fund
StartGreen Capital
De Groene Grachten
DLM finance
Female Health Company
One Planet Crowd
SDG Charter
Tropen museum
Human cities
impact hub